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You have until December 31, 2021 to benefit from a 66% reduction in your donation if you are taxable on income

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66% of your donation can be deducted from your income tax (up to 20% of your net taxable income).

Any net surplus can be carried over to the next 5 years.

You must make your donation to Repat Africa no later than December 31 of the current year to benefit from your tax reduction when filing for the following year.

Once your donation has been made, you will receive your tax receipt by email. This document will be used to deduct your donation from your taxes if you are taxable in France.

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How is your money used?

Each donation you make feeds into the actions we take for the economic development of Africa - this ranges from supporting our research teams to reveal the issues on the ground, to financing companies, via the fund. solidarity investment, which received the most votes from the Repat Africa community.

We couldn't do any of this without your support.

You may soon be visiting our financial reports pages to learn more about how your money is being used.

How your money is used

8 great reasons to donate !

Fonds d'investissement solidaire

Solidarity investment fund

Thanks each to Repat Africa member, the solidarity investment fund helps entrepreneurs to launch or pursue their project in Africa.

Promotions partenaires

Partners promotions

Take advantage of advantages and discounts with our partners operating on the African continent.

Webinars Repat Africa


Attend online sessions to increase your knowledge and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset

Communauté Repat Africa

Join our global community

Actively participate in the development of the community by contributing on our dedicated platform. Our international network will allow you to participate in a multicultural dynamic at the service of Africa

Meetup Repat Africa

Meetup and drinks

Participate in the monthly meetings of the Repat Africa community.

Inpendance Repat Africa

Independent observation

We constantly strive to remain neutral, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing total transparency in the selection of projects.

Invitation annuelle Afrique

Invitation to Africa

Participate and vote at our Annual General Assembly in Africa: initiate, promote, decide on the main orientations of the NGO or even encourage new projects.

Plateforme recherche emploi

Find a job in Africa

Benefit from unlimited access to the platform for connecting with companies established in Africa (scheduled for 2021).