A propos de Repat Africa

About us

Repat Africa is a general interest non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to promoting and realizing investment in Africa.

Founded in 2020 by a former international volunteer in Africa, it is at the service of the economic development of the African continent.

Non-profit, it is politically neutral and secular. It acts in a spirit of democracy, independence, solidarity and mutual respect, without any ethnic, social, religious, gender or other discrimination.


Our vision is a world where Africa prospers and enjoys a leading economic position


Our mission is to promote, defend and realize entrepreneurship, invest and install in Africa.

A word from the founder


Kara Diaby

«Since 2013, I have been very interested in investing in Africa.

I have had the opportunity to travel to many African countries.»

« Why Repat Africa »

« Because I'm seeking to create the best network of entrepreneurs in Africa in order to have a significant impact on the continent.

But also because many of us are trying to have our first African experience by investing in the country of their legacy or simply because they love Africa. Sharing our knowledge can help them to reach this objective.

Today, many of us are creating innovative and disruptive businesses, they will be promoted and financed by our solidarity investment fund.

We exchange advice, good plans and tips for your successful return, your investment, your goals in Africa. In addition, I am aiming to create a community of committed repats who have a strong desire to make an impact in Africa.

The adventure begins

Let's get started now. »

What we do

Fonds d'investissement solidaire

Solidarity investment fund

Thanks each to Repat Africa member, the solidarity investment fund helps entrepreneurs to launch or pursue their project in Africa.

Communauté Repat Africa


Our community exchanges and helps you to achieve your settlement or investment in Africa.

Webinars Repat Africa


Attend online sessions to increase your knowledge and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset

Webinars Repat Africa


The bi-monthly newsletter (+2700 subscribers) masters your knowledge related to the african economy

Meetup Repat Africa

Meetup and drinks

Participez aux rencontres mensuelles de la communauté Repat Africa afin de trouver des partenaires et développer votre réseau professionnel

Inpendance Repat Africa

Independent observation

We constantly strive to remain neutral, with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing total transparency in the selection of projects.